A Year in Reviews.

Two-thousand and twelve was the year I first began “reviewing” books. I confess to always being reluctant to review, unsure of being judgmental—if we are not supposed to judge other human beings too quickly, as seems to be some part of a lesson of many works of art, and if Auden is right when he […]

Review of “The World Without You.”

My review of Joshua Henkin’s The World Without You is now live at the Lincoln Journal Star: This is a rare novel: It could have been longer and, probably, better for it. As a traditional realist take on the family, it shares several similar features to Jonathan Franzen’s 2001 masterpiece “The Corrections.” And like Franzen’s, […]

Reviewing books.

My reading recently has been concentrated on reviewing. While I try to write up something  for most anything semi-relevant/recent/interesting for this blog, I am also reviewing books for a few different places: My write-up of A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers should be appearing soon in the Lincoln Journal-Star. This book I quite enjoyed—I […]