Of the books I read published in 2013, these are my favorites.

Last year I joined list hysteria (“listeria”?) of end-of-the-year reading. At the end of 2013, I’m succumbing again. I’ll just quote myself from last year regarding the rather lengthy title to this post: Since it would be silly to say these are the “best” books of 2012—”best” is impossible to determine, and considering I’ve read only […]

“The Sound of Things Falling” Review.

My review of Juan Gabriel Vásquez’s excellent novel The Sound of Things Falling went live online, and appeared in last Sunday’s paper. Here’s a tidbit: Like Proust’s madeleine, a news story about the hippo reminds Antonio Yammara of friend Ricardo Laverde. Laverde’s story, Antonio says, is one “in which my name did not appear [but] […]

New York Times’ 100 Notable Books.

It’s getting to be my favorite time of the year—at least as far as book lists go. The New York Times’ notable “100 Notable Books” is the monarch of lists, and it’s a good one. I can recommend several titles on the list, a few of which I’ve reviewed before: Fiction A Constellation of Vital […]