Perfect Recordings.

Much of my recent listening on Rdio has been of Sasha Frere-Jones’ excellent compendium of excellent pop songs, Perfect Recordings. Good stuff—full of songs I liked and gems I didn’t know about.

Tune In Playlist.

If you’re on Rdio (which I just learned, by the way, is pronounced arr-dee-oh, like a cousin of the famous droid), and want to listen to some fine tunes that inspired the Beatles, I’ve just the playlist for you. All of the tunes included here were explicitly mentioned by Mark Lewisohn as songs the Beatles […]

Gliding On Through Waverly and Lincoln, Nebraska?

Counting myself as a fan of Vampire Weekend since their first self-titled album, I anxiously purchased their latest, Modern Vampires of the City. Totally wowed by the album so far—it seems, at my early impressions, to be their best record and maybe an instant classic—I was even more intrigued by a snippet of lyrics from […]

Sigur Rós’s Ísjaki.

I don’t often post about music; I don’t listen as much as I read. Sigur Rós, however, is on my shortlist of bands. Although I liked Valtari, it was a minor album. This single sounds like the next Sigur Rós release will be more dynamic.

The Forgot About Dre Game.

It occurred to me, while listening to the easy rhymes and the smooth beats of rapper Dr. Dre, that there should be a game that is: Easy to play, just as easy as Dre rhymes; and That involves us making sure we honor Dre’s desire that we not forget about him. So I devised a […]