Seamus Heaney.

Poet Seamus Heaney has died: As the trade magazine Publishers Weekly observed in 1995, Mr. Heaney “has an aura, if not a star power, shared by few contemporary poets, emanating as much from his leonine features and unpompous sense of civic responsibility as from the immediate accessibility of his lines.” Fact.

Free copy of Poetry Magazine.

Given somewhat of a renewed interest in poetry (thanks to reading Lerner and Sebald), I happily signed up to celebrate National Poetry Month (who knew? It’s apparently the cruelest month) and receive a free copy of the April issue of Poetry Magazine.

John Deming: Poetry Isn’t Dead.

Apropos to my recent review of Ben Lerner’s excellent novel Leaving the Atocha Station, John Deming responds to a screed against poetry by Alexandra Petri: You claim poetry isn’t “vital.” I will try to explain. A sponge and dish soap are vital to me because they make change in the kitchen. To me, at least, […]