“The Thing Speaks For Itself” in Anomaly Lit.

The new issue of Anomaly Lit, featuring my story “The Thing Speaks For Itself,” just came out, and it looks fantastic. “Thing Speaks” is an older story that I reworked a bit before submitting to Anomaly, reworking some sections that had previously never quite felt right. It’s a bleak little piece, but from the tenor […]

Issue Six of Sediments Literary Arts Journal.

Issue Six of Sediments Literary Arts Journal, containing my story “The Flower Car,” is now available online. I’m very happy with how this issue turned out—great looking magazine and a great home for my story. “The Flower Car” will be featured on the Sediments home page later this month. I’ll try to update this post when […]

Pulp Literature: Issue 9 Out Now.

Issue 9 of Pulp Literature, featuring a story by yours truly, is currently available for download and purchase. I’m elated to have the story see the light of day in such an excellent publication—and with such great illustrations, to boot! I’m also excited to read several of the other stories, as well. Here’s just  small bit […]

Interview with Midwestern Gothic.

Midwestern Gothic, who first published my short story “Stare Decisis,” has just published an email interview with me. Read it here, if you’re interested.

“At the Turn” available at Palooka.

My first short story to be published, “At the Turn,” is now available to read in Issue 5 of Palooka Magazine. Very, very excited for a story o’ mine to see the light of publication. You can buy e-copies of Palooka for $3.00 or the (beautiful) print edition for $9.00. Right now, though, my story is […]