Of the books I read that were published in 2015, these are my favorites.

This has become a yearly tradition—joining the chorus of book lists to toss in my thoughts on the great books published this past year that I was able to read this past year. In 2014 I enjoyed Amy Bloom’s Lucky Us, among others, and the year before it was The Infatuations by Javier Marías that topped my list. For more explanation about […]

When Is It Time to Give Up a Book?

At the Guardian’s Books Blog, Peter Wild asks when we should give up on a book: Maybe there’s a part of you that knows within a paragraph (or, worse, a sentence); perhaps it takes 50 pages, or a 100, before you start to ask yourself the question: is this a book that I should abandon? […]

Summer Reading.

Often I’m asked questions for book recommendations. While I used to dole out whatever was the latest book that had my fancy, I’ve curbed that tendency lately. Recommendations should be personal—and the best ones (ones that result in a new favorite or a perspective-changing book) always are. While to one person I recommended Leaving the […]