“Like the leader of a repertory theatre.”

Saw the magnificent Boyhood this past weekend, and besides compiling my own version of The Beatles’ The Black Album, I’m reading this New Yorker profile of director Richard Linklater: At a time when independent cinema is often thought to be the Hollywood farm leagues, Linklater has claimed it as a bright alternative to studio production. Working […]

Tune In Playlist.

If you’re on Rdio (which I just learned, by the way, is pronounced arr-dee-oh, like a cousin of the famous droid), and want to listen to some fine tunes that inspired the Beatles, I’ve just the playlist for you. All of the tunes included here were explicitly mentioned by Mark Lewisohn as songs the Beatles […]

The Madness of The Corrections Coming Through.

Over at The Atlantic, author Benjamin Nugent shares a few insights from a re-reading of The Corrections, and how he thought reading Franzen again would be like revisiting a McCartney tune: I reread The Corrections this year and realized that while I once needed Franzen to be my Paul, an exemplar of old realist virtues like clarity […]