The Year in Reading.

If, somehow, you’ve not encountered this fabulous series before, now’s the time to make yourself familiar: The Millions “Year in Reading” is just about the best place to get (good) book recommendations from the likes of Hemon, Adichie, Hallberg (usually one of the perennial best), and Rush, among others.

On the Pleasures and Solitudes of Quiet Books.

Lovely essay by Emily St. John Mandel at The Millions on so-called “quiet” books: Lately, possibly because it’s been a long summer of continuous hard work on a new novel and I don’t want to think about plot just now, or perhaps because my annual allotment of vacation days at my day job resets every September […]

The Millions’ Most-Anticipated Books.

The Millions has posted its fantastic most-anticipated books list—this one of books for the second half of the year. Their round-ups are always must-reads. One notable book on an auspicious list: The Infatuations by Javier Marías. My ARC of the book just arrived in the mail today, and I’m preparing an essay on Marías—an absolute […]

Epic Fail.

As a onetime contributor, I received an email from The Millions today, announcing a new eBook series: The Millions Originals will give our talented writers a platform to publish longer, magazine-quality pieces in ebooks that will explore a variety of unusual and interesting topics. The first ebook of the series is Epic Fail, “an exploration of the […]

Essay on “Main-Travelled Roads” at The Millions.

My essay on the under-appreciated author Hamlin Garland is now live over at The Millions. It opens: In 1887, Hamlin Garland, then a 27-year-old aspiring writer, traveled by train from Boston back to his family’s farm in Ordway, South Dakota. Having spent most of his life in the Midwest, and shuttling around the Dakotas, Iowa, and […]