A Year in Reviews.

Two-thousand and twelve was the year I first began “reviewing” books. I confess to always being reluctant to review, unsure of being judgmental—if we are not supposed to judge other human beings too quickly, as seems to be some part of a lesson of many works of art, and if Auden is right when he […]

“The Neruda Case” by Roberto Ampuero.

My review of Roberto Ampuero’s The Neruda Case is now live at the Ploughshares Blog: The Cayetano novels splice literary fiction with noirish detective yarns—but what makes The Neruda Case particularly interesting is its nuanced portrait of the Nobel laureate poet. Many thanks to Ploughshares for publishing (and for the excellent edits). Bonus link: The “View From Your […]

Reviewing books.

My reading recently has been concentrated on reviewing. While I try to write up something  for most anything semi-relevant/recent/interesting for this blog, I am also reviewing books for a few different places: My write-up of A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers should be appearing soon in the Lincoln Journal-Star. This book I quite enjoyed—I […]