Falling back into Gravity’s Rainbow.

The brilliant Tom McCarthy (whose novel Remainder everybody should read) has me seriously considering re-reading Gravity’s Rainbow, which I never thought possible.

Logistics: Tom McCarthy’s “Remainder.”

“All great enterprises,” the unnamed narrator of Tom McCarthy’s brilliant novel Remainder says, “are about logistics. Not genius or inspiration or flights of imagination, skill or cunning, but logistics.” Unsurprisingly, one of the chief concerns of Remainder is management: after the narrator is hit by something that fell from the sky—we never find out more—he receives an £8.5 million […]

“C” in “Remainder.”

I have read Tom McCarthy out of order. In 2011, after having long heard great things about McCarthy, I read the latest of his novels, C. A month or so ago, I finally read Remainder, which was the kind of novel that I will be reading over and over again. (His second, Men in Space, […]