The 2015 Tournament of Books.

Over at The Morning News, the fantastic Tournament of Books is once again in full swing. Yours truly was the reader judge last year. I’m spending the tournament as an excited spectator this time around. I’ve only read about half of this year’s tournament entries, so I can’t really pick a winner, but of those titles I’ve […]

ToBX Wrap-Up.

The Tenth Tournament of Books is over, and crowned a champion whom yours truly passed through the quarterfinals and voted for in the finals. As I mentioned in my rationale for voting, the finals match-up wasn’t a terribly difficult decision. Its competitor (I’m being vague here to encourage you to follow the link) was, I […]

“March Madness for Book Nerds.”

My penultimate (for this year, I promise) post on the Tournament of Books: a great short commentary at the Chicago Reader by Aimee Levitt, quoting extensively from that great Lydia Kiesling judgment. Watch out, because the finals are coming up Friday (March 28). Yours truly gets a vote in the final. Mouth/lips: sealed.

The Morning News Tournament of Books.

One of my favorite times of the year: The Morning News has released its funky circular bracket for the annual Tournament of Books: I have no prediction for a winner. Seems like the field is wide open. I’m slightly disappointed, though, one of my favorites from last year didn’t make the cut.