Hello. I am a writer living in Nebraska. I write about a lot of things:


I’ve been a Mac user long before it was cool. My first Mac was a Macintosh LC III, equipped with an external CD drive (later procured) and eventually a 14.4 modem. After that came a series of Macs, and I can attest to having owned nearly the first of each major Apple milestone: the first (beige) PowerMac G3, the first G4, the first Intel MacBook Pro, and—right now—the first M1 Mac (a Mac Mini) and M1 iPad (12.9 iPad Pro). I was only way, way late to the party with an iPhone 4.

Essays and Book Reviews

My essays and book reviews have appeared in numerous publications—including, most recently, the Ploughshares Blog, The Colorado Review online, and Literal Magazine (where I regularly review Spanish-language books in translation). My niche in reviewing is Spanish language books and Spanish language literature, especially not well-enough known or unfairly excluded or marginalized female Central and South American writers.


My short stories have appeared in several publications, with one most recently in Arts & Letters and Emory’s Journal. My fiction ranges all over the place, but as my story “Brahms’ Lullaby” can attest, I love twisting historical fiction into something new. Because of my personal experience, I also write a lot about people with disabilities, especially intellectual or developmental disabilities.


By day, I serve as General Counsel for the Nebraska Public Service Commission.